About us


Kimberley Group is a real estate company that develops, transforms and invests in commercial real estate.
With more than 25 years of experience, Kimberley Group is a professional player in the commercial real estate market which believes that success starts with the right acquisition.

As the approach of Kimberley Group is anti-cyclical, Kimberley Group is often more efficient than the market. Kimberley Group prefers to invest in real estate that is under-rented or real estate that is outdated. Value is added to these properties by renovation, transformation or by demolition and (re)development.

By acquiring the right properties for the right price, Kimberley Group ensures that there are sufficient financial resources. In addition, opportunities are created and advantage is taken of a constantly changing market.

Kimberley Group is mostly active in the Netherlands and Germany. However, since the last few years, Kimberley Group also does business with Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, America, Canada, England, Israel and South Africa.

Kimberley Group works in close cooperation with a team of professionals, all selected on their good understanding and integrity. To maximize and guarantee transparency and to keep her good reputation, Kimberley Group places the highest value on business compliance.